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Choose Affiliate Network
Actually you have lots of options to sign up for we are available on several top affiliate networks. What you need to do is to select the suitable affiliate platform, and fill up the form. Then you can get all things started. The participation is absolutely free.

Available Affiliate Networks:

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Earn 75%+ Bonuses on Every Sale!

Month Sales Bonus Per Net Sale Example(Acebyte Utilities For Lifetime: $49.95)
100-200 $1.5 per sale 200 sales : 200 × ($49.95 × 75% + $1.5) = $7792.5
201-300 $1.7 per sale 300 sales : 300 × ($49.95 × 75% + $1.7) = $11748.75
301-400 $2 per sale 400 sales : 400 × ($49.95 × 75% + $2) = $15785
401-500 $2.4 per sale 500 sales : 500 × ($49.95 × 75% + $2.4) = $19931.25
501-600 $2.7 per sale 600 sales : 600 × ($49.95 × 75% + $2.7) = $24097.5
601-700 $3 per sale 700 sales : 700 × ($49.95 × 75% + $3) = $28323.75
701-800 $3.4 per sale 800 sales : 800 × ($49.95 × 75% + $3.4) = $32690
801-900 $3.7 per sale 900 sales : 900 × ($49.95 × 75% + $3.7) = $37046.75
901-1000 $4 per sale 1000 sales : 1000 × ($49.95 × 75% + $4) = $41462.5
1001 + up Please contact us:
To guarantee the rights and benefits of both of us, please read and understand our Affiliate Privacy Policy and Terms

Grasp the chance you could never let go today! If you are using other affiliate systems and want to affiliate our products, you are welcome to contact us for further cooperations.


About Pricing (2 options available)
Option 1: Affiliate has the right to decide the software prices they sell, but it should not be less than the original prices provided by the developer at
Option 2: Affiliate may set more discount coupon, but only with the prior permission of the developer.
What types of creatives does Acebyte provide?
We offer a large varieties of ad types. These link types include banners (in various sizes), text links, and other advanced link types. You can get some related material on our website directly.
Any further help, please contact us.
Tips to promote products
1. Send recommendation newsletters with the buy link to your friends through E-mail.
2. Add the buy link in your websites, blogs or articles.
3. Post buy link on forums and other's blogs for people who may need the product.
4. Submit articles to the article submission websites with buy link included.
5. Answer and Question, like Yahoo answer, give your suggest link there.
How do I get my sales report?
Just sign in the affiliate network, check the control panel, find "report", you can get reliable & accurate real-time earnings tracking & reporting provided by the world leading affiliate networks. If you have trouble in getting report, you can contact affiliate network directly or send email to us.
How do I get paid?
Actually it depends on the affiliate networks. Usually, you will have various options due to different networks. Just choose the most suitable one for you!
How to generate more sales?
Come back often, keep up to date with us. We have lots of spectacular savings to help your promotion. If you are too busy to come here, it is okay, we would send you monthly newsletter to help you earn more. Put the banner,coupon code and other creatives as significant as possible on your website. Check out the Promotions!