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Free Disk Check Utility

Check and Repair Hard Drive Errors to Prevent File Corruption
  • Time the speed of your hard drives
  • Scan specified or all hard disks and make disk analyze
  • One click to repair disk errors
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Useful Disk Check Utility for Disk Diagnostic and Repairing

  • Check – Click "Check" to scan the selected disk, it will show a report after the process.
  • Repair – Click "Repair" to fix the file system errors.
  • Abort – Click "Abort" to stop the checking or repairing work.
Sometimes you may notice that some files on the disk can't be read. The main reason is the hard drive degradation. Files could be corrupt because of errors on hard disks and corrupt files would lead Windows errors. Disk Check tool attempts to check for errors and fix any it finds.

Disk Check in Acebyte Utility is an excellent disk cleaner to check and repair Windows File System. It works by scanning / checking the entire contents of a disk and displays the status or shows any scanning error that may appear. With its one-click repair feature, you can get your file system fixed quickly. Just one click on the mouse, the Disk Check utility will do the rest for you.


  • Test of hard drive volumes and repair disk errors
  • Performance check for hard disk and other mass storage media
  • Support IDE, SATA, SCSI, USB, and Firewire
  • Show the check and repair result on its interface
  • Show the disk size, available size and file system
  • Fool-style interface, one-click design
  • Free download available, no risk, no spyware, no virus
  • Work with Windows 7/Vista/XP
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