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Free Empty Folder Finder

Find & Remove Empty Folders in Windows with Acebyte Utilities
  • Make your hard disk clean and tidy
  • Optimize your computer speed
  • Intuitive, fast and user friendly interface
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Empty Folder Finder

When uninstalling programs from computer, most of them will leave empty folders. Or even when people create multiple folders to store their data, they may leave some empty folders. Although these empty folders do not affect your computer performance, they make it difficult to control your computer. For example, you open empty folders, but find nothing in them. That's very annoyed. Let's delete these empty folders in hard drives to keep your computer organized by Empty Folder Finder freeware.

How to use the free Empty Folder Finder:

    Step 1 Run Acebyte Utilities, choose "Utilities Box", "Files" and then click "Empty Folder Finder".
    Step 2 Scan the specified hard drive, folder or the whole computer and the empty folders will be listed.
  • Select the drives or folder you want to scan.
  • Click the 'Scan" button and wait for the process to complete. You can cancel the scanning process by pressing the "Close" Button.
  • All empty folders found will be displayed in few seconds.
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    Step 3 Choose what to do with the selected empty folders:
  • Delete empty folders – the empty folders will be removed from your computer
  • Open empty folders – The empty folders in your hard drives will be open directly.
  • Exclude empty folders - Ignore the empty folders while scanning by clicking 'Exclude'. Select the folders and right click on them to see a context menu. The various options given are self-explanatory.
  • New scan empty folders – click "Scan" to re-open the Scan box to get started on a new scan.