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Official Support Forum

We are pleased to welcome you to our Official Support Forum. We hope our members and visitors find our Forum helpful.
Acebyte Official Support Forum

Lost Your License Number?

If you purchase and, for whatever reason, you do not receive license or lost it, please send an e-mail to us. we'll try to re-send the license to you!

Premium Support?

Customers may upgrade from free or evaluation versions of the product to a paid full version by clicking on the "Upgrade Now!" button below:


Order FAQs

Q: When and how will I receive the Acebyte software that I ordered? Q: Do I have to purchase this "Extended Download Service"? What if I don't purchase it? Q: I received a coupon code. How can I redeem it? Q: How secure is the order process? Q: Can I purchase the CD-ROM? Q: I can't pay via credit card. Why?

License/upgrade FAQs

Q: Can I be able to upgrade Acebyte software in future for free? Q: How to use the license of Acebyte software? Q:The license key does not work. What can I do? Q: I have purchased the software, but I have not got my license code, why? Q: I have a 1 Year 3 PCs License: Do I need to activate 3 PCs meanwhile? Q: I lost my license code, what should I do? Q: My email address changed. How to update my registration info?

Product FAQs

Q: What Operating Systems are supported by Acebyte Utilities? Can I use it on Mac? Q: How can I improve system performance by Acebyte Utilities? Q:What happens after Acebyte Utilities subscription license expires (one year normally)? Q:When I install Acebyte Utilities on my PC for the first time, I am told the trial version has expired?