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Free File Splitter

Handy Utility to Easily Split and Merge Files
  • Split files into any pieces & any size
  • Efficiently join multiple files into a big one
  • For easily share or spread files
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Split Files into Pieces for Easy Sharing, Transferring and Spreading

File Splitter is a small utility that allows to split any file into pieces of any size as well as to join the pieces to form the original file. At the same time, you can choose to delete the original file after the successful process.

    The Purpose for Splitting files

  • Copy to floppy or other removable media disk
    When we transfer a file from one computer to another, we usually use floppy or USB Flash. When the file is very large, we need to split the large file into small pieces.
  • Sent by e-mail
    Many e-mail systems place a file size restriction. If you want to email someone a file that is larger than the maximum size, simply split into smaller pieces and email the individual ones.
  • Distribute over the Internet, networks
  • Upload to file delivery service, hot accounts
  • Exchange through Instant Messenger ...

These items always have file size restrictions or have problems related to size. And there are many possibilities for using File Splitter. A File Splitter is absolutely necessary in your life.

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