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How to Analyze Hard Drive Space on Windows PC

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After a few months of using your computer, you might find that the free space in your hard disk partition has reduced significantly, thanks to all those files and folders you’ve stored. Lots of programs running on Windows 7, Windows Vista and XP that aims to keep your computer hard drive health. Here is the simple but effective way to analyze and clean out your hard drive space on Windows computer.

Step 1 Installation

The installation is very easy. Free download Acebyte Utlities software, double click the setup file which is named as AcebyteUtilities.exe and complete the installation quickly by following the wizard.

Step 2 Using Acebyte Utilities

When launching Acebyte Utilities, click the “Utilities Box” button to enter the “Utilities Box” page, where includes more than 20 useful tools to optimize your computer.

disk cleaner software

hard drive analyzer tool


Choose the “Disk Cleaner” under “Clean” tab to open the “Disk Cleaner” tool.

disk cleaner window

Uncheck to select the hard drive(s) you want to free up space and click the “Next” button to choose the junk file format you plan to clean out.

choose junk file types in disk cleaner

In the above box, drop down to choose the junk file types. If the junk file type is not listed, you can click the “Add” button to add the type by yourself. And then, click the “Scan” button to get started on the junk file scanning process.

scan junk files in hard drive

While scanning, you can view the progress. The scanning will be finished under a minute, and then you will end up with a detailed list of the junk files on your hard drive.

Woow, good news! My computer is clean and safe. I have tried to scan my work disk :D , the scanning result is satisfied:

delete junk fles from hard drive

Then, it’s the last step. Just click the “Delete” button to remove these junk files from your hard drive permanently.

It is easy, isn’t it? Go to have a “clean” PC now!

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