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Best Free Software to Backup and Restore Windows Device Drivers

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This article will show you how to choose the best free software to backup every device drivers that your computer uses, and then restore them quickly if needed.

What is Driver?

Drivers are very important for your system because they are used to connect the system and the hardware devices. That’s to say, without drivers, the hardware devices cannot work properly, or even cannot work at all.

Why we need back up drivers?

As we know, usually the drivers come on a CD or DVD together with the hardware devices you purchased. Also, as an alternative, people can also choose to download the drivers from the device manufacturer’s site. It is taken as a best place to download the drivers, for you can always find the latest version there.

However, any of the following will let you know how important it is to backup your device drivers:

  1. The drivers are not available on the manufacturer’s site, because they might have stopped providing support for the hardware, or they may be closed.
  2. The CDs with drivers may be misplaced, lost or even broken.
  3. A sudden crash is on your system and you do not have a CD or cannot get drivers from anywhere

How to use the best free software Acebyte Utilities to backup and restore Windows device drivers?

Acebyte Utilities has a very simple and intuitive interface, and the software itself is very easy to use too, so is its Driver Backup utility.

Let’s go through the steps required to backup and restore your device drivers on computer:

Step1 Run Driver Backup

Start Acebyte Utilities –> Choose “Utilities Box” –> Click “Control”–>Click “Driver Backup” shown in the right working area.

Step 2 Choose the device drivers you want to backup

All device drivers on your computer will be listed immediately in “Driver Backup” window. Tick to choose the device drivers you want to backup.

best free software to backup and restore windows device drivers

Step 3 Backup device drivers

Click “Backup” button to get started on device driver backup. Please allow few seconds to complete the device driver backup. You driver backup file can be saved in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Acebyte\Acebyte Utilities 2\Backup\BackupDriver .

Step 4 Restore your device drivers

To restore your device drivers from backup, it is very simple. Move your mouse and press “Restore” button, you will recover all your backup device drivers immediately.

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