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Defrag Hard Disk to Make PC Run Faster by Acebyte Utility

May 28th, 2013 By Ivy 1,303 views | 0 Comments

The Disk Defragment tab has tools that fix errors in your disks, then tools that get rid of files and file fragments cluttering up your hard drive. System Cleaner looks for files you don’t need any more, such as files that have been left unused for a while in temporary folders. It also tracks down empty folders that stuck around after old applications were deleted. Disk tools can be set to perform an analysis of your disks every time your system starts up to unearth any errors. If these errors were to go unfixed, they would likely result in serious computer problems like loss of data and hardware failure. The below we will introduce how to use Disk Defragment tab.

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Easy Way to Fix Shockwave Flash Crash in Internet Browser

March 16th, 2012 By Ivy 4,024 views | 0 Comments

When a Shockwave Flash crash occurs, the videos cannot play on the Internet. It may be caused with the Shockwave Flash plugins or other settings in your Windows. In this article we will introduce some easy ways to fix Shockwave Flash Crash in Internet Browser.

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How to Deactivate Data Execution Prevention in Windows XP

December 8th, 2011 By Ivy 1,960 views | 0 Comments

DEP, short of Data Execution Prevention, is a valuable feature in Windows XP. But because of the fact that it is not supported by all software or hardware, it will lead to some system issues and error messages. Therefore, to deactivate Data Execution Prevention in Windows XP is a good idea to make your computer safe and stable.

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How to fix Error Code 0×80040600 from Outlook on Windows Vista

December 7th, 2011 By Ivy 3,180 views | 0 Comments

Windows Vista has become one of the most welcomed and popular operation systems from Microsoft because of its amazing features and beautiful visual effects. With its updating day by day, finally there are several versions of Windows Vista, such as Enterprise, Business, Home Basic, Home Prenium, Vista Starter or Vista Ultimate. Each version has its own new and advanced functions.

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How to tips on PC setup + maintenance – Fix most common PC problems with Acebyte Utilities

October 19th, 2011 By Ivy 1,355 views | 0 Comments

Most of people may find that there are more and more problems or troubles on their computers when they are using the computers day after day. The longer they use, the more problems they will have.

In this article, we offer several ways to what you need to do to fix common PC problems on Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP. Even if you are not a PC master and do not know any computer language, you can easily solve some common PC problems on your own.

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Why Laptops Become Slow with Use

October 14th, 2011 By Ivy 1,499 views | 0 Comments

Many may ask: Why does my laptop boot in a rate slower and slower? Yes, this happens a lot. After using the laptop for some time, you change details of the laptop. As these slight changes accumulate, many of them began to affect the laptop’s boot speed. There are many reasons, which cannot be listed one by one. Here are some common reasons affecting laptop’s boot time

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Recoup Your Losses by Repairing Hard Disk with Simple Ways

October 11th, 2011 By acebyte 1,915 views | 0 Comments

As the hard disks are filled with all kinds of important data, so once they fail, it may cause great losses. In actual use, hard disk failure is not uncommon. Although hard disk repair is a high technical work, for beginners, they can try to repair those simple hard disk faults, in order to recoup their losses as soon as possible.

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Let Computer Repair System Errors by Itself

September 20th, 2011 By acebyte 1,697 views | 0 Comments

For many Windows XP users, when the operating system crashes or some inexplicable errors occur, generally they repair the system by Ghost or reinstalling operating system. However, these methods have shortcomings. Reinstalling system, the original system settings and software will be gone and have to be installed again, very troublesome. In fact, each system error can be repaired by a certain method.

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Problems Occur after Optimizing Vista

September 14th, 2011 By acebyte 1,388 views | 0 Comments

1: Cannot enter system after cracking TCP / IP concurrent connections

Many cannot enter the system after they optimize Vista. The screen prompts an error that changes of hardware or software lead to Windows not starting.

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Some Common Hard Disks Errors

September 13th, 2011 By acebyte 1,447 views | 0 Comments

The most common hard disks errors is guided fault. That is hard disks not starting. When guided faults occur, there will be a lot of errors reminders prompted by the system. It is very helpful for solving hard disk problems to read these tips.

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