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How to protect privacy on Win 7 with Acebyte Utilities

July 3rd, 2013 By Ivy 1,211 views | 0 Comments

Today we want to talk about that how to protect privacy.  A lot of people confused that I have saved my privacy

in my computer, so did I still need to use tools to protect that? The answer is:”Yes!” In my opinion maybe no
one can ensure that your computer will never be stolen, the system will never collapse, hardware never need
to change, or never use by a stranger . Or you don’t may not have some pictures, data, documents, credit card
or a password, so how should we protect them not to let they leak?

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Backup Computer – How to Copy System Files to Hard Drive

April 19th, 2012 By Ivy 1,249 views | 0 Comments
copy system files to hard drive

Regular computer backup is very important to protect your data and works. There are various data backup options. You can choose to back up computer by Back Up utility provided by Microsoft, other PC backup software, backup to CDs, backup to removable hard drives, or more. Among those, to use an external hard drive to store your PC data is a good choice. It is very simple. Let’s explain how to copy system files to hard drive step by step.

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Computer Back Up Softwawre – How To Recover Data After Hard Drive Crash

April 18th, 2012 By Ivy 2,460 views | 0 Comments
how to recover data after hard drive crash

Most computer users may have ever encountered hard drive crashes. Once it happens, they may destroy your important files or even everything on your computer including hardware connected with your PC. The biggest disaster is the data that you could never be able to retrieve. When hard drive crashes, what you look for will be good computer back up software. In this article, we will briefly explain how to recover data after hard drive crash.

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How to Back Up Drivers in Windows Vista by Acebyte Driver Backup Freeware

April 17th, 2012 By Ivy 2,972 views | 0 Comments
download how to backup drivers in vista

Drivers play important roles in the connection between your hardware devices and computer. What if you lost all of your CDs together with the drivers provided in the box? Well, you can always download these drivers from the manufacture website, however, there could be times when it is not possible, say an old driver and the manufacture is no longer in business. How to back up and reuse drivers in Windows Vista? Here the free driver backup software Acebyte Utilities is high recommended.

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Top 5 Best Computer Data Backup Freeware

April 12th, 2012 By Ivy 4,291 views | 0 Comments
free data backup software - comodo backup

Your files or data can be lost easily by a sudden hard drive failure, virus attack or even accidental deletion. If you back up your computer data before that happens, you can recover everything instantly without any difficulty. Data backup is simple and easy to do. This article will briefly introduce top 5 best free data backup software to offer complete solutions to back up computer data for free.

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Best Free Software to Backup and Restore Windows Device Drivers

March 14th, 2012 By Ivy 2,602 views | 0 Comments
best free software to backup and restore windows device drivers

This article will show you how to choose the best free software to backup every device drivers that your computer uses, and then restore them quickly if needed.

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Simple and Safe File Shredder to Make Removed Data Unrecoverable on Windows

March 2nd, 2012 By Ivy 3,324 views | 0 Comments
safe file shredder

Almost every one has a computer for business or entertainment. Over time, they may find that there is too much personal information like passwords, banking information, credit card numbers, address books, social security number, personal email, important business data or secrets on your computer. Most of computer users misunderstand to delete files by clicking “Delete” and even emptying “Recycle Bin”. In fact, these “deleted” can be easily recovered with the help of some file recovery utilities as well as expose to hackers, identity thieves, enemies and other spies!

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What is the Best Data Backup Software for 2012?

February 18th, 2012 By Ivy 1,737 views | 0 Comments

Computer becomes more and more important in our daily life or business. People  save a lot of important or private information in their computers. Computer may crash by various reasons, which results in data loss in computers. That is why we say backing up your computer is very important. How to choose best data backup software for my computer? What is the best data backup software for 2012? In this article, you will find what you want to know.


The best data backup software should be reliable, safe and simple to use. Below are some important criteria to evaluate the data backup software:


  1. The best data backup software should enable you to make full or custom backup, backup what you need and when you want.
  2. The best data backup software should be easy to install and easy to use without any extensive help. There should be very intuitive and convenient control panel in the data backup software, which enables anyone to use it without compromises.
  3. The best data backup software should allow users to restore the backup data conveniently.
  4. The best data backup software should be provided by a trusted company, which promises to keep up-to-date.
  5. The best data backup software should have complete help documentation. Backing up and restoring data could be complex. Any mistake during the data backup or restore progress may cause computer crash or errors. Therefore, the help documentation with clear, step by step instructions and troubleshooting tips is very important. Good help documentation should be in simple-to-understand language and easy to find answers fast.

We recommend Acebyte Utilities, an all-in-one computer care freeware with powerful data backup feature. With Acebyte Utilities, you are able to copy any whole disk or custom backup any part of your computer easily. Acebyte Utilities promises no syware, adware or virus. You can use it in Windows 7/Vista/XP.

4 Simple Tips Let You Choose the Best File Recovery Software for Windows

February 15th, 2012 By Ivy 2,111 views | 0 Comments

Most computer users know how important it is to recovery private and essential files in hard disks. Thus a question may be asked: How to choose the best file recovery software? Enter “file recovery software” in Google and click “Search”, you can get about 79,200,000 results. Which is the best one to recover your deleted files? This article will help you to choose the proper file recovery software for your Windows computer with 4 helpful tips.

1. An all-in-one product is great.

There are more than 300 different file types in a common computer, such as office documents, photo files, music files, video files and other types of program specific files like .pdf, .psd, .msg,.idd, etc. When people say they accidentally delete or lose files, they usually mean they delete or lose more than one file type. The real good file recovery software must be able to recover all types of files.

Thus, before purchasing, make sure the file recovery program you decide to buy is an all-in-one product which enables you to recover all file types in your computer.

2. Choose a trusted company for payment security and perfect backup service

As mentioned above, when searching “file recovery software”, you can get a lot of websites that offer “the perfect or best product”. When you are about to purchase the software online, you need he company profile carefully first of all. Can you contact the company? Do they have an office and a physical address? Do they offer money back guarantee?

To buy the file recovery software from a trusted company is very important. For a trusted company will provide you the real trust-able product as well as great backup service on the software problem, license code issue or even refund, etc.

3. The file recovery software should be up-to-date one.

There are also too many websites that they have never been updated for several years. Their products may be outdated too. As we know, the computing technology changes fast, so does the technology for recovery deleted files. When you purchase a file recovery program, make sure the file recovery software is up-to-date.

How to check if the file recovery software is up-to-date or not? A simple way is to check if this file recovery software has version history. You can also know if the software developer is updating the software or not by its release date or other history log.

4. Compare with different brands to choose the best price

Another important point to choose a best file recovery program is its price. Remember, the real good all-in-one file recovery software from a trusted company is around $50. If the products cost up to $99, give up and go to look for others.

Our bottom line is to purchase a good file recovery product which is not very expensive and able to recover all types of files from all storage media.

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