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How to Avoid Your Credit Card Exposure during Online Purchase

January 25th, 2012 3,838 views |Write a Comment

Why we should pay attention to credit card safety online?

There are more and more universal online sale websites in the world, which makes it very convenient for our daily life. Just some clicks online, people can almost purchase everything they need without leaving house. But this convenience is not also so convenient.


Have you ever got such message in your mail Inbox or Trash? Someone said they are from a large online retailer or store and notify you that your order you’ve placed recently is ready to ship for you, and you can click some specified link to complete the order. When you follow the instruction to click the link contained in the message, it may turn to a website homepage to ask you to log in first. And you can also find some wrong credit card number and shipment address for your account and need you to correct it by typing in the correct credit card information.

If you do so, absolutely you will be cheated. All your credit card information like your card number, its expiration date, billing address, card verification value (CVV) number which is printed on the back of your credit card, your birth date, your question and answer to correct the mistake will be delivered to the hands of savvy phishers. Finally, your trouble is coming. Lots of fraudulent credit card charges will reach you for payment.

What should I do to keep your credit card information safe and private?

In fact, to avoid online payment by credit card too frequently is a good choice. Or, you need to pay attention to clear your web histories regularly to keep your data safe on computer.

By the way, some big banks also take actions. They offer single-use and disposable credit card numbers to customers. Thus you can log in your credit card bank’s official website and check the total amount of your payment for the relevant online store, and the banking site will response by spitting out a credit card number which is allowed to be used for the payment amount and to the specified online store only.

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