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Defrag Hard Disk to Make PC Run Faster by Acebyte Utility

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The Disk Defragment tab has tools that fix errors in your disks, then tools that get rid of files and file fragments cluttering up your hard drive. System Cleaner looks for files you don’t need any more, such as files that have been left unused for a while in temporary folders. It also tracks down empty folders that stuck around after old applications were deleted. Disk tools can be set to perform an analysis of your disks every time your system starts up to unearth any errors. If these errors were to go unfixed, they would likely result in serious computer problems like loss of data and hardware failure. The below we will introduce how to use Disk Defragment tab.

Disk Defragment – Step 1.

Install and run Acebyte Utilities.

Disk Defragment – Step 2.

Click “Utilities Box” in the top right window; then jump to Utilities Box window and select “Optimize” option. The Disk Defragment tab will appear in here.

Disk Defragment – Step 3.

Click Disk Defragment tab; the other window will pop up. Now you can specify the driver witch you want to defrag. Then click “Analyze” button in the bottom left window.

After analyze please click “Defrag” button.

Only three steps you can finish Disk Defragment. Disk defragmenter in Acebyte Utility allows rearranging all the data on your hard disk and joins fragments together into a tight bunch in order to make your computer run faster and more efficiently. It displays the drive’s size, available size, and file system on its interface, so you can easily see how much of the drive is allocated, or free.

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