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Speed up Windows XP by Deleting Useless System Files

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Windows XP system occupies much space. Many files are not necessary for running the system. These files are not useful for every single user. Therefore these files can be deleted to speed up Windows XP.

1. Documents and Settings

In Windows XP Documents and Settings record user settings. You can remove the following content.


C: \ Documents and Settings \ user name \ Local Settings \ Temp, in this directory are junk files generated during system running. You can delete the files in the directory.


C: \ Documents and Settings \ user name \ Local Settings \ Temporary Internet Files, in this directory are temporary network records in which some Trojan may hide. Delete the files without hesitation.


2. Program Files directory


C: \ Program Files, in this folder are stores setup files. Check and see what you can delete in here.


C: \ Program Files \ WindowsUpdate, this directory is for online upgrade. Will it be deleted, the next time you log on Windows Updata site it will be automatically re-established.


C: \ Program Files \ Windows Media Player \ Skins, in this directory are skins for Media Player. Delete the others skins while keep several frequently used ones.


3. Windows directory


In Windows directory, you can delete many files such as files of .Bak, .Bmp, .Tmp formats.


C: \ WINDOWS \ system32, there are in this directory many folders name 1025, 1028, and 1033, where error reports are stored. Many others are empty folders, which can be deleted.


C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ dllcache, in this folder stores .Dll backup files. You can definitely delete this directory, thus to save hundreds Mb of hard disk space. To delete: “Start \ Run”, input the command “sfc / purgecache”, clear the files cache.


C: \ WINDOWS \ Fonts, in this directory stores the Windows fonts. Delete the rarely used ones.


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