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File Management

How to Encrypt Files on Windows XP


You have some very important folders or files that you do not want others have access to. Or you just want to protect  privacy. Here’s the ways how you can encrypt files from being seen by others.

Use WINRAR. It is very convenient and easy to operate. I believe you have installed this program on your computer… Enter the entry of How to encrypt files on windows xp >>

How to Delete Junk Files to Fix Slow PC


Internet will catch spyware and viruses from websites especially the unfamiliar websites. When the computer is infected by the spyware or viruses, the computer will slow down. So I strongly recommend running the antivirus software when surfing Internet.

The temp files, cache files, cookies and other unnecessary junk files can take up your PC disk space. If you do not delete these files, over time your computer will slower and slower…. Enter the entry of how to delete junk files to fix slow PC >>

How to Shred Files

In fact, even if you delete files from your hard disk, the data still remains and could potentially be recovered. You may say you also empty the Recycle Bin. Actually, the files hides on your hard disk somewhere and Windows only removes the entry from the FAT(file allocation table)so that the system does not see the file. These files can be found and recovered again as long as they haven’t been overwritten by new data yet… Enter the entry of how to shred files >>

How to Delete Useless System Files

Windows XP system occupies much space. Many files are not necessary for running the system. These files are not useful for every single user. Therefore these files can be deleted to speed up Windows XP… Enter the entry of how to delete useless system files >>

How to Back Up Files and Recover Data


Every computer user, even the computer novices, knows what an important role it takes to back up your files or folders timely on your computer. In any event of PC crashes or hard drive formatted, people can easily restore the backup files or folders without any loss…. Enter the entry of how to back up files and recover data >>

How to Organize Your Files or Folders


Working on a slow and disorganized computer can be very frustrating to the most of us, no matter at home or at work. This article will give you some simple instructions on how to keep your computer the right way, just by using tools in Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Microsoft Office to follow in 2010. The solutions mentioned-below are also free of charge, no extra software or program you need to pay.

We all know how easy it is to put files in the wrong folder, especially if we are in a hurry. But one way to ensure that your files are kept into organized is to remove these clutters by a filling system. Here are some tips for you:… Enter the entry of how to organize your files or folders >>

How to Remove Unnecessary Files


Every computer user must feel confused to find out files or information on an unorganized computer. And a computer which is occupied by mass of unnecessary files, duplicated data or folders can be sluggish and annoying. So, if you want to prevent your computer from running slower and slower, one thing you must do is to organize your computer regularly and timely in various ways, such as deleting or removing old, unwanted, even duplicated files and folders to make your computer clean…. Enter the entry of how to remove unnecessary files >>

How to Undelete Deleted Files on Windows


If you have deleted files from your hard drive and emptied your Recycle Bin after that, don’t worry! Acebyte Utilities, one of the best computer optimizing and maintenance tool, gives you an easy access to recover the deleted files on your Windows computer.

The following will let you know how to recover deleted files with this most effective file recovery software… Enter the entry of how to undelete deleted files on Windows >>

How to Fix M2000twn Dll Error


Are you frustrated by the registry errors and blue screen of death error which is accompanying with m2000twn dll error? And you are looking the method that can completely fix m2000twn dll error just within few clicks? This article will greatly help you repair the m2000twn dll error! Enter the entry of how to fix M2000twn.dll error >>

How to Split Large Files with Acebyte File Splitter


Acebyte File Splitter feature in the free system care tool Acebyte Utilities offers a quick and easy way to split text or data files into any size of smaller files as well as joining these small files back into the original file. Now let’s see how Acebyte File Splitter works to split large file and join the split file pieces into the original file respectively…Enter the entry of how to split large files with Acebyte File Splitter >>




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