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How to Delete Duplicated Files

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Even your delete your the files but the residual files still be save in your PC. As the copied files to different disks in
your computer. When your check your PC, you will find duplicated file on your computer, and actually there are
plenty of duplicated files in everyone’s computer. The duplicated files is a big waste of disk space, and will make the
files management difficult. Now, we will teach you how to delete duplicated files.

Delete duplicated files - Step 1. Open the search box by clicking Windows + F

Delete duplicated files - Step 2. Input the suspected files name

Delete duplicated files - Step 3. Roll down the list from the search result, compare the filesmodified date. If the modified

date is the same, the it will highly possible be the duplicated files.

Delete duplicated files - Step 4. Right click on the duplicated file(s), then delete it or them.

This method is inconvenient and waste time that will also miss many files should be deleted. As most users have

no idea on the duplicated files. And also, ordinary there are plenty of duplicated files in your computer but you

never know the names. What should we do under this situation?

How to deal with this duplicated files in your PC and stop it to waste of disc space? The answer is use Acebyte

Utilities to clean it.


Acebyte Utilities is a powerful and easy to use software from Acebyte to optimize your computer and fix

computer errors such as slow computer operation, unknown error messages, deadlock errors, computer

freezes and much more. Acebyte Utilities offers the most comprehensive set of utilities which helps keep

your PC running smooth, clean and error free.


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