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How to delete the Internet history in Mozilla Firefox

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delete internet history in firefoxAs one of the most popular browsers, Mozilla Firefox stores a browsing history of all the websites you have visited, just like other browsers. It is very useful, for you can easily find the webpage you recently visited and wanted to return to especially when you forget the URL. But sometimes, you want to delete the browsing history in Firefox to save hard disk space or to protect your privacy. This page will guide you how to delete the Internet history in Mozilla Firefox.

First, Mozilla Firefox allows you to delete the Internet history easily by itself.

Do any of the following to delete the Internet history in Firefox permanently:

  1. Click “Tools” on the Firefox menu bar, and then click on “Clear Recent History” as shown in picture below:

clear internet history in firefox

The Clear All History dialog box will open as below:

clear all history in firefox

The dropdown box lets you to choose the time range to clear with the choices like Last Hour, Last Two Hours, Last Four Hours, Today and Everything.

Click the arrow next to Details to display the list of browsing history, where you can choose which part of the history you want to clear.

Click “Clear Now” button, your selected parts of the Internet history will be deleted permanently from Firefox quickly.

  1. Click “Tools” on the Firefox menu bar, and then click on “Options” as shown in picture below:

delete history in firefox

You will see the Options box:

option box to delete history in firefox

Click on “Privacy” in Options dialog box to do the Firefox Privacy settings under History tab including “Remember history”, “Never remember history” and “Use custom settings for history”.

To clear the history, click on the “clear your recently history” to go to “Clear All History” dialog box and press “Clear Now” button.

Click “remove individual cookies”, you can easily clear cookies from websites you visit in Firefox.

Meanwhile, if you choose “Use custom settings for history”, you can be allowed to do more advanced and personalized settings as below picture:

clear recent history in firefox

Second, much freeware in the market can delete the internet history in Mozilla Firefox with 1 click.

There are too many all brands or kinds of system care tools which allows you to delete the Internet history from your browser like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or more to free up your hard disk space.

Acebyte Utilities is one of such programs. It has a very intuitive and user friendly interface. It allows users to clear all tracks on computer and history in browser just with 1 click on your computer in seconds. The most important is that it is totally FREE!


clear all history in firefox, ie or chrome freeware

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