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How to Fix 1618 Windows Installer error

November 14th, 2012 2,742 views |Write a Comment

Get the 1618 error when trying to install a program on Windows PC by Windows Installer Application (the wizard)? Follow the solution here to fix 1618 Windows installer error quickly and easily.

The above error will appear when you encounter a trouble during attempting to install a program by using Windows Installer application, especially when running more than one Windows Installer program. Of course, some other factors may also cause the 1618 error on Windows PC, for example, the outdated drivers on your computer, infected by any virus, corrupted, damaged or invalid system registry entries and more.

1618 error

Know More on 1618 Error

Type: Application Error
Similar To: 1068 Error, 10053 Error, 112 Error, 4096 Error
Possible Cause: Registry issues, Virus Infection, Outdated Drivers, More than Once Windows Installer Programs are running
Symptoms: System Freeze, Pop Up of Error Messages, Program Lock Up, BSOD Error, Application closes Abruptly

Affected System: Almost all Windows Version like XP, Vista, 7 etc.

How to fix 1618 error

To fix the 1618 Windows installer error, you need some 1618 Windows Installer Error fix software for help. This software must be a sophisticated one with advanced programming technique. It should be able to scan and detect the source of the problem on your system and resolve the 1618 error safely and quickly by updating outdated drivers, removing invalid registry entries, repairing damaged registry entries, deleting virus or other detected dangerous infections completely. A good 1618 Windows Installer error fix software should enable users to fix the 1618 error within few minutes without damaging the saved files or programs. Surly, similar to other software, it should be an easy to use one and no additional technical skills or professional knowledge needed.  If it allows users to get rid of the 1618 error completely with only several simple steps, it will be better!

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