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How to Make Your Privacy in Google Safe

January 30th, 2012 2,240 views |Write a Comment

People may realize a fact day by day during their use of computers: any personal or business information may have the risk of being stolen or data abused, for example, Google.

As one of the most common used search engine in the world, Google seems to be used by everyone everywhere. In Google, you are allowed to be send email, receive news feeds, online shopping, save your loved pages as favorite websites. Google records everything you have done online by tracing your surfing activities and even showing the trends you will do next which you may not be aware of by yourself.

With its rapid development technologies, Google has become more and more powerful. It can even do everything people want to do online like email, instant message, VoIP calls, pictures, maps, finance and investment portfolios, home and office addresses, reading preferences, video or music interests and assessments, online purchases, most frequent searches, recent views, favorite search results, etc. The more you learn what Google does for you, the more you will realize how important it is to make your Google safe for your computer data protection.

Then what we should do to prevent our data from being stolen?

If you really want to discard of Google, you must stop using all of its services such as Gmail, iGoogle, and your Google account.

The following will show you how to change Google as default search engine in Firefox:

If you want to change another search engine as the default in Firefox, please select your preferred search engine in the drop-down list:

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