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How to optimize network with Acebyte Utilities

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Acebyte Utilities provides many tools to diagnose issues and maintain your computer’s performance. Network Optimizer is one of these features. It combines several networking environment and link network mode into one option for the user’s convenience. The Network Optimizer is hidden in “Deep Scan” model.  With the click of just one button, this tool erases junk data, defragments your hard drive, removes spyware and privacy traces, repairs and optimizes your registry, updates device drivers and network optimizer. While you could perform each task using a handful of tools, it’s very helpful to have these functions in one place.

The below the introduce how to optimize your notwork:

Step 1. Install and run Acebyte Utilities.

Step 2. Click “Deep Scan” Button and enter deep san interface. Then find out “Network Optimizer” option and move your mouse to the right side  and click ‘Setting” button. A window will pop up.

Step 3 . In Network Optimizer’s setting window you can select your networking environment and network optimizer. (This option is the default normally does not need special setting.) Then click “OK” button.

Step 4 .After Network Optimizer setting please click “Scan” button in the top lift window.

Step 5. After a few minutes it will automatically scan. The latest step is click “Clean” button.

Now you can start to test whether your network speed has changed.

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