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How to protect privacy on Win 7 with Acebyte Utilities

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Today we want to talk about that how to protect privacy.  A lot of people confused that I have saved my privacy

in my computer, so did I still need to use tools to protect that? The answer is:”Yes!” In my opinion maybe no
one can ensure that your computer will never be stolen, the system will never collapse, hardware never need
to change, or never use by a stranger . Or you don’t may not have some pictures, data, documents, credit card
or a password, so how should we protect them not to let they leak?



OK Some people will say that I can use my brain to remember that or I won’t let my computer was stolen! Aha! God knows… OK! Anyway In today’s information so important how can we protect our privacy is a very important problem.

So the below we will tell you about that how to use Acebyte Utilities to protect privacy:

Protect privacy step 1:

Download and running Acebyte Utilities then click the “Utilities Box” button on the top right of the windows and select “Control” option.

Protect privacy step 2:

Click “File Encryption” then a window will pop up. Now you can click “Add Files” button to add you want to protect files to this window. And now please click “Browse” button to specify a folder to store it.

Protect privacy step 3:

click “Encrypt Now!” button. A notes windows will pop up, now you can set a password and click “OK” button to protect your privacy.

And now we can see that the file have installed a lock and obediently stay at us in the specified directory.

Notes: There are two ways to delete original file:

1. Check the delete option on the bottom of the window.

2. After Encrypt delete the original file by manual.

So easy right? Start to protect our privacy now!

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