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How to Recover Deleted Videos

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Almost everyone has some precious videos or movies that they want to keep for a long time.  If you have a unique and cherished home video for memory of a special moment for your family, suppose what will happen if you lose it by accidentally? That’s why we realize how important it is to recover deleted videos safely. And, do it quickly. The sooner you act, the greater the chance that the deleted video files will be recovered.

Guide on How To Recover Deleted Videos or Movies Step-By-Step

Recover deleted videos step 1: Go to your desktop and open Recycle Bin to see if the deleted video file is there. If there are too many files in various formats in your Recycle Bin, you can search for the deleted video file by its file name or media type like AVI, WMV, MOV, MPEG, etc. If you can find the deleted video file, right click it and choose “Restore”, the deleted video file will go back to its original location immediately. If you do not find the deleted video file in the Recycle Bin, do not worry, just go on to Step 2.

Recover deleted videos step 2: Download the best data recovery software Acebyte Utilities. Install and run it. Click “Utilities box” > “Repair” > “Undelete”. Choose the location where your video file lost, click “Scan”. Under the “File Type” tab, select only video file types. To save your time to find out the deleted video file, please deselect other file types that you do not need to search for. Or click “Filter” button to filter files by: type, name, size or date created. When you find the deleted video file finally, click “Restore” button, it will be recovered to the original folder instantly!

recover deleted video files by acebyte utilities undelete

how to recover deleted videos


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Recover deleted videos step 3: If the file recovery software Acebyte Utilities Undelete fails, find the program in which the video was created or the source of the video file and recreate it. For example, if your video file is created by Windows Movie Maker, open the Windows Movie Maker and recreate the movie again. If the video file is downloaded from some online websites, then go to the websites to re-download it. If the video file is ripped, just rip it again.


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