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How to speed up your PC

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How to speed up your PC: Do you find your computer to be running slow as compared to earlier? Some of the reasons for this slow down can be:• Not enough hard drive space.• Left over programs and bad files.• Data Corruption.• Missing Windows updates or outdated drivers.• Computer is overheating.• Corrupt OS.• Bad Hardware.

Some of the actions you could take are: Free up disk spaceThe Disk Cleanup tool helps you to free up space on your hard disk to improve the performance of your computer. The tool identifies files that you can safely delete and then enables you to choose whether you want to delete some or all of the identified files.• Remove temporary Internet files.• Delete downloaded program files, such as Microsoft ActiveX controls and Java applets.• Empty the Recycle Bin.• Remove Windows temporary files, such as error reports.• Delete optional Windows components that you don’t use.• Delete installed programs that you no longer use.• Remove unused restore points and shadow copies from System Restore.

Reboot: If your computer has not been rebooted recently make sure to reboot it before following any of the other steps.

Remove Spyware and Viruses: Spyware and viruses are leading causes of computer slowdown because you may have several spyware cookies or trojans that are taking up your processor time for reading and storing and reporting your activity to several spy databases. Read Rid-Your-Computer-of-Adware,-Spyware-and-Viruses to learn how to remove them and speed up your system. Update and run your spyware and virus software every week.
Memory upgradeIf you have had your computer for more than one year it’s likely you’re computer is not meeting the memory requirements for today.

Today, it is suggested at a minimum the computer have 1GB of memory.
Stop unwanted Start-Up programs.• Run msconfig• Choose startup box• Select uncheck programs you don’t want to run on startupOR• Click here and download StartUpCPL.• Install the software you have just downloaded.• Open control panel, select Start up.• Disable any programs you do not want load automatically.Programs can also schedule tasks to launch automatically when windows starts to stop such programs use windows task scheduler. To open Scheduled Tasks, • click Start• click All Programs• point to Accessories• point to System Tools and • Then click Scheduled Tasks.Disable all services you do not use or need. • Open control panel• open Administrative Tools and • Select Services. Disabling the wrong Services may lead to serious problems that you may not notice right away.

Hardware issuesFinally, if your computer continues to work slowly after going over each of the above recommendations it’s possible that your computer is experiencing a more serious hardware related issue such as a failing component in the computer. This could be a failing or bad hard drive, CPU, RAM, motherboard, or other component.
Hope you experience a faster PC.

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