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Why is my system slow

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Why is my system slow:

Here are a few reasons for your PC to perform slowly:

• Your PC may need more RAM (random access memory).

• It’s possible that your computer may be having many background programs running that there is no enough main memory to run your main programs.

• There must be a possibility that your hard drive could be congested with data to function in an efficient manner.

• Hard disk may be needing “Clean Up.”

• Your computer could have a fragmented hard drive.

• There may be windows registry issues.

• You may not have enough system memory to run your softwares.

• You may have been downloading files from untrustworthy websites.

• There may be left over programs and bad files residing in your system’s memory.

• Another issue could be corrupt data.

• There may be missing Windows updates or outdated drivers in your system.

• After continuous usage of the system without giving any rest to it, Computer must be overheating.

• The Operating system itself may be corrupt.

• There may be some hard disk errors that can be corrected with “Check Disk.”

• There is a possibility that, any of the hardware part may be worn out due to continuous usage or along with time (Bad Hardware).

• Having too many files and folders on the desktop can slowdown your computer system. All you can do is put these files into folders in your home directory and create alias names to them on the desktop.

• Too many widgets (small program) on your dashboard (dashboard is a user-interface feature that allows access to widgets) may cause slower performance. Each Widget on the dashboard uses some amount of memory, now you can check the usage of memory of your widgets by using the Activity Monitor. Remove the unwanted widgets using the Dashboard control panel.

• Using the wrong Firmware can cause many sorts of problems to your system. To keep your software up to date, just go to the menu click on Software Update in the menu. You can also schedule your OS to automatically check for updates, just go to System Preferences and Software Update and Check for updates.

• There is a possibility that there may be no enough RAM upgrading your RAM can probably give you the biggest speed increase. To upgrade your RAM you can just use the Activity Monitor application (which is under Utilities in the Application folder).

• Using lots of Login Items may slower the System. To remove unwanted programs from your login items. Change your login items just go to System Preferences then Accounts and click the Login Items tab.

• You may be shocked, but Animated wallpapers or slide show wallpapers can really slow down the performance of your machine so it is best to turn it off.

• Mailboxes with lot of messages can also slower your computer’s performance. If you have a mailbox with thousands of messages it will take a longer time to load. Delete messages you no longer need and split larger mailboxes into folders.

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