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How to Add Additional Websites in Windows 8

November 2nd, 2012 By Ivy 34,712 views | Write a Comment
add additional websites in windows 8

As a new released operating system from Microsoft, Windows 8 is much more different from its previous. For example, web browser in Windows 8 and the Surface RT supports Flash websites. It makes it impossible to support all websites in Windows 8. Today, let’s see how to add additional website to the supported list by the Windows 8 users themselves.

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How to Activate Windows 8 by Changing Product Key

October 30th, 2012 By Ivy 6,247 views | Write a Comment
activating windows 8

With the new release of Microsoft Windows 8, computer users from all over the world are now ready to download and upgrade to this long-waiting operating system. However, most people found it is much difficult to activate their Windows 8 because of various issues. One common reason for the failure of Windows 8 activation is that users are never prompted to enter the key and the option to change the key was missing. In this article, we will share two easy ways to activate Windows 8 by just changing product key.

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Windows8 Troubleshooting: Error Code 0x8007007B

October 29th, 2012 By Ivy 3,081 views | Write a Comment

What is error code 0x8007007B? I got this error code together with a message “Windows cannot activate right now” when I am attempting to update my Windows 8 PC. Finally, my friend Peter, who is an IT support, comes to my house and fixes it for me.

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Windows 8 Troubleshooting: Error Code 800B0001

October 27th, 2012 By Ivy 2,779 views | Write a Comment

When updating to the new Windows 8, PC users may encounter various error codes. To fix these problems, I share almost all error code issues in my recent articles. Today, let’s see the solution of error code 800B0001.

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Windows8 Troubleshooting: Error Code 0xc0000260

October 26th, 2012 By Ivy 2,011 views | Write a Comment
0xc0000260 in windows 8

With the release of Windows 8 Consumer Preview, many people are satisfied with this new operating system and want to update. But when I am attempting to update the Windows 8 Consumer Preview on my HP nc6000, Pentium M 1,6 GHz Dothan from my current Windows 7, I got a 0xc0000260 error. What should I do to fix it?

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What is the Best PC Processor to Buy in 2012

October 25th, 2012 By Ivy 2,089 views | Write a Comment

The PC processor is one of the most important factors when people are attempting to buy a new computer. The CPU (computer’s central processing unit) is taken as one of the major parts in a computer, which makes great effect on the computer speed, system performance and multitasking abilities. We say, you can improve or update your computer in various ways such as adding RAM, tweek Windows, upgrading operating system, optimizing PC, but if your CPU is bad, all your efforts will be ruined. In a word, if you want to buy a great computer, you need to know what the best computer processor is at first.

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Windows8 Troubleshooting: Error Code 0x0000005D

October 24th, 2012 By Ivy 3,944 views | Write a Comment
error code 0x0000005D in Windows 8

In my last article, we share the solution for error code 0xC004F074 that appears when Windows 8 users fail to activate the operating system. Today, let’s see how to fix another error code 0x0000005D in Windows 8.

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Windows 8 Troubleshooting: Error Code 0xC004F074

October 23rd, 2012 By Ivy 5,539 views | Write a Comment
windows 8 troubleshooting: 0xC004F074

With more and more people update their computers to the new released Windows 8, they encounter various errors or problems on this new operating system. In my Windows 8 Troubleshooting series, I will share lots of useful solutions for errors on Windows 8. In this article, let’s see how to fix the error code 0xC004F074 simply when experiencing Windows 8.

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Useful Keyboard Shotcuts to Make Windows 8 Simpler

October 22nd, 2012 By Ivy 2,410 views | Write a Comment

Comparing with the older operating systems from Microsoft, the recent Windows 8 Release Preview is much harder to operate for Windows users, because of the subtle changes and enhancements that Microsoft has made to this release, especially the Metro UI and its live tile apps. The unfamiliarity of these changes really annoys people who are used to the Windows 7, Windows Vista or even Windows XP. Here we share some useful shortcuts provided by Windows 8 using the Windows key, of course, you need a physical keyboard at first, to make the new Windows 8 much simpler.

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Make Halloween Decorations on Your PC

October 19th, 2012 By Ivy 7,041 views | Write a Comment
halloween wallpaper for computer

The Halloween celebration is back again this year. During this spooky time, no matter children or adults are trying their best to decorate their homes or prepare horrible gifts in order to scare their friends or family with the most. For such a long time, our life is filled with pumpkins, skeletons, bonfires, horror movies, scary music, etc. People always look for new and unique ideas for this special holiday.

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