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PC Speed Booster

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PC Speed Booster
Want to speed up the PC! This is the question PC owner asks from time to time. You can speed up your PC by using free speed up software’s but replacement parts aren’t free. Best of all, our CPU upgrades were affordable. The Core 2 Duo upgrade rated as one of our best values in the entire study, costing for each percentage point of general performance improvement.

CPU Upgrading: Bumping our Polywell’s processor from a Pentium D to a Core 2-class chip yielded instant and obvious performance improvements across the board. Moving to a 2.67GHz Core 2 Quad prompted a 36.8 percent jump in performance on general apps. Using an older 3.0GHz Core 2 Duo was even more effective, with a boost of 52.6 percent–probably due to the speedier front side bus in the Core 2 Duo over the Core 2 Quad. Graphics performance improved even more for both upgrades.

Hard drive Upgrading: Solid-state-drive technology promises a dramatic decrease in hard-drive latency. And in our tests, moving from a 7200-rpm, 500GB traditional hard-disk drive to a 120GB SSD resulted in an 8.0 percent boost on general apps and an 18.4 percent speed jump on gaming.

Upgrading RAM: Conventional wisdom has always held that upgrading your system’s RAM will give it an instant boost. The upgrade is easy to perform, and it makes sense because RAM is cheap. But if your PC already has even a moderate amount of RAM, you likely won’t see much of a speed increase from adding more. For example, when we bumped our 2GB system up to 4GB, we got a paltry 1.3 percent improvement on general apps and virtually no improvement on games.

Upgrading the graphics board: No mystery here. Upgrading to newer graphics will do wonders for your gaming. When we upgraded our old Polywell to an ATI Radeon HD6870 card, gaming performance improved 14.9 percent. With our newer Dell, an ATI Radeon HD6850 gave us a 117.2 percent boost in gaming on the machine. But neither improved general application performance.

Multiple upgrades: You’re likely to fare even better if you upgrade components in combination. Performing all four of the upgrades on our list–CPU, RAM, hard drive, and graphics board on our old Polywell desktop improved its system speed by 67.1 percent and boosted its gaming performance by 166.3 percent. We also spent more, but the overall improvement was far greater than the sum of the improvements from the individual upgrades.


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