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Enjoy Online Games, Keep Safe

February 1st, 2012 1,977 views |Write a Comment

Online game funs always ignore a big problem when they are addicted to the wonderful gaming world: their PC security. They may think they do not worry about the computer security when playing online games. As a matter of fact, they are wrong. Too many data show that they are vulnerable, especially when they are at play.

Today, we will share some basic and easy to do safeguards to keep your computer data more secure.

1. Strong passwords.

This method is known by everyone, while it also very easy to be missed. In fact, the password is always your first security line when some one is trying to access your data. Thus, to set a strong password is a very good habit in your daily use of computers.

2. Never type your credit information if possible.

Every gaming lover will experience the same thing. You are asked to enter your credit information to buy the games in some gaming websites. They also give you choice to save your credit information for next purchase more easily. If you have such choice, please do not hesitate to click No. To do this can reduce the possibility for credit information being stolen in some accidents.

3. Play with prepaid gift cards if possible.

You are allowed to buy some prepaid cards or gift cards in some gaming websites like PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, thus you can play games with these cards instead of online purchase via credit cards. It is a good option to avoid offering your credit card details. Also, you can get these prepaid cards in your local supermarket or drugstores.

4. Set a designated email address during gaming.

That is to say, when you create your gaming accounts, please use a specified email account. Of course, please do forget to set a strong password for your email account. Then if your email account with gaming account is compromised, the risk of having other accounts also hijacked will be greatly reduced.

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