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Clean your PC using Acebyte:

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

Clean your PC using Acebyte:

Tips on how to clean up your computer: • Delete unwanted files• Delete hidden junk files• Remove unwanted programs• Defrag to speed up your computer• Disk Clean-Up• Always pay for a virus program!• Avoid multitasking with large programs• Use an external hard drive for backup• Update programs regularly• Upgrade your computer memory• Cleanup junk and redundant files on your PC regaining speed and hard drive space.• Uninstall problematic programs that won’t allow you to fully uninstall them otherwise.  If you have ever had trouble with a program that no longer works and just will not let you uninstall it you will love this feature.• Control your startup programs.• Select Start• All Programs• Accessories. • Select System Tools and • Click Disk Cleanup.• Go to My Computer. • Now go to tools at the top. • Folder Options… View, • Then check the box “Show Hidden Files and Folders” • Now go to Local Disk, • Documents & Settings, • Your Account, and • Delete everything in: My Recent Documents, • Local Settings History (Do not delete everything in local settings, just delete everything in the history folder of local settings) (and while in Local Settings) Delete everything in temporary internet files.

Some of the PC cleaning tools in Acebyte Utilities are: Disk CleanerA small, fast and safe disk cleaner utility to detect and delete all types of junk files to free up hard disk space.

Registry Cleaner: Scan your Windows registry and fix registry errors causing system slowdown to optimize your PC performance.

Shortcut Cleaner: Scan to find all invalid or useless shortcuts on your computer and repair or delete them to improve your computer performance.
Quick ScanQuick scan computer for system errors or browser viewing histories, invalid files etc. Without downloading anything.
Deep ScanDeep scan your crash or freezing computer to speed up your computer or even eliminate security risks.

Disk Check: Scan and check your hard disk drives for errors and repair disk problems to prevent you from computer crashes or freezing.
Startup ManagerThe Startup Manager allows you to add or delete the startup applications to speed up your Startup progress simply.

Protect Privacy: Quickly and completely clean up all your tracks on computer or Internet or other applications to keep your privacy.