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How to Prevent Dangerous Web Surfing on Computer

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

People love surfing on Internet because they can even find everything they need on Internet. But, not every one pays attention to a fact that some websites can make your computer dangerous by virus infection, for example, adult sites. You may think the famous and respectable websites are safe. That is not the truth. Once these respectable sites have been hijacked, they will get you in trouble too. Then, you may ask: how to prevent dangerous web surfing on computer?

If you are surfing some infected or dangerous web sites, the Private option in some browsers like InPrivate in IE, Private Browsing in Firefox, or Incognito Mode in Chrome can do nothing for you to prevent your computer from danger. Because in Private mode, the browser will never record the history of sites you have visited, but your visited sites will do harm on your computer during your browsing. What’s worse, it may make your computer slow or crash.

The following tips will help you to reduce the possibility of being infected by dangerous sites:

  1. Install some security software or antivirus software on your computer, and keep them update regularly.
  2. Update your browser to the latest version
  3. If there is a warm message from your browser that the page you are trying to open is dangerous, stop visiting it, even though the site is known as a trustable one.
  4. Scan your hard disk by computer security software regularly, for example, weekly.

Just take several minutes and few clicks on your mouse, and then you can keep your computer safe and running smoothly by preventing dangerous web surfing on compute!

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How to Open Your Hard Drive Faster

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

Every computer user know that to free up hard drive space is an effective and easy way to accelerate the speed to access your hard drive or computer. Today, we will show you how to open your hard drive faster with the help of some useful and free hard drive cleaner software.

Windows Disk Cleanup Tool

Microsoft is always developing at a rapid speed to offer better and better services and programs for its users, among which, a very useful smart utility is Windows Disk Cleanup.

With this free computer optimizer tool, you can remove all unwanted items like temporary internet files, unneeded installed programs, Windows temporary files, useless Windows components or empty your Recycle Bin to free up hard drive space and speed up your computer.

What’s more, the old and never used video, music or photo files also occupy your hard drive space. To move or delete these files from hard drive is a good choice to free up hard drive space and make you open your hard drive faster.

Windows Search

Windows offers another useful Windows search utility to let you find the files or folders you do not need any more and delete them from your hard drive. In this way, you can save a lot of hard drive free space easily. Make full use of Windows search feature by steps below: go to Start, select Search to turn to “Search Results” window as below:Windows Search box to search all files, folders, videos, or more

Choose the way you want to search in the left task list: Picture, music or video, Documents (word processing, spreadsheet, etc.), All files an folders, or Computers or people. Besides searching files or folders on your hard drives, you are also allowed o Search the Internet.

Other Tool to Free Up Hard Drive Space

If you are unwilling to delete files and folders from your computer to free up hard drive space by yourself, there are a lot of good tools to do it for you on the market. Here we recommend you the ultimate computer care freeware Acebyte Utilities. Acebyte Utilities includes several tools to improve your hard drive.

intuitive interface in acebyte utilities -optimize

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Free up hard disk space – simple way to increase your PC

Friday, October 21st, 2011

As we know, our computer never ceases amassing temporary files over time. The longer we run the computer, the more such files will be saved on computer. These files may be from any number of sources, with the web being one of the largest offenders. Day after day, these temporary files will play a very important role to slow down your computer.
To speed up your computer, it is necessary to clean up your hard disk by completely clearing such temporary files from your computer.

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