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Top 10 Free Security Software in Windows to Keep Your PC Secure

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When you take a new laptop home, the first thing you need to do is to select a right suite of security software tools to keep your computer safe. There are mass of such software products in the market. In this article, I want to share top 10 free security and antivirus software programs in Windows with you.

I have divided these ten security software into 3 categories.

1. Free Antivirus software

The followings are 3 free antivirus software but they can support Windows operating systems only.

A. Avira AntiVir Personal (we highly recommend this one)

This is highly recommended by us. For it can constantly and quickly scan your computer to find out and kill viruses, Trojans, backdoors and worms, etc. By this antivirus software, you can have a clean and safe entertainment environment.

B. Avast Home Edition

Avast Home Edition is taken as one of the most universal and best free antivirus protection software on the current market.

C. AVG Anti-virus Free Edition

This free antivirus software is mainly for home users. It offers very rapid virus database update in lifetime, as well as very high level of detection apability.

2. Free Antispyware Software

A. Acebyte Utilities

Acebyte Utilities offers its free version to give you professional security protection to remove spyware. Its powerful PC security features can make your computer clean at ease.

B. Spywarew Doctor

This is a good antispyware software to remove adware and spyware completely and quickly. It is mainly used to detect and clear thousands of spyware, adware, Trojans and other malware from your computer, in order to keep your privacy safe.

C. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

This is a free anti-malware program that specializes in removing even the most stubbornmalware and spyware on your computer.

D. Microsoft Windows Defender

Thanks to Microsoft. For Microsoft also gives us a free antispyware application named Windows Defender. With Windows Defender, you can protect your computer by removing all spyware or other unwanted software. In this way, you can also make your computer run faster.

3. Free Firewall Software

A. Comodo Firewall

It offers free but powerful prevention-based on your computer with its DDP, short of Default Deny Protection technology, to remove all malware from your computer.

B. PC Tools Firewall Plus

Here is another powerful free personal firewall program in Windows. It is specially used to prevent unauthorized users from accessing to your computer by Internet or LAN, in order to protect your computer safe and private.

C. Outpost Firewall Free

This software offers you solid firewall protection with standard packet and application to protect your data on computer from any unauthorized third parties. What is more, you can also get the full protections against other unknown threats. Computer users usually take it as a must-have utility for a new PC.

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