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3 good habits to work more safely on Windows

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Every computer owner knows that how it important and crucial to keep your computer safe and secure. For any lost or stolen information may reveal your company secrets or expose your confidential or important personal information, which may cause you great loss and troubles. However, there are more and more ways or software which may make your PC or online Internet surfing unsafe. The necessary and essential thing you need to do daily is to keep your computer secure. The more you do to keep your computer safe, the safer your personal or company information will be.

In this article, we will share 3 good habits to let you know how to help protect your computer, your company information and your personal data.

1. Use complicate and strong passwords

As we know, passwords always play an important role in our account security. People take passwords as the first line of defense against unauthorized access to our computer. But weak passwords may give attackers an easy way to your computer and network. Your passwords should be strong and long enough to make it hard to crack by attackers, even with the help of latest password-cracking program.

As a strong password, it should:

  1. Long enough, at least 8 characters contained
  2. No your user name, real name, or company, or any other common personal or company information
  3. Not formed by any complete dictionary word, mixed by digital words or letters should be better
  4. Cover uppercase or lowercase letters, numbers, or acceptable symbols

2. Never save password

People may have been used to enabling the Save Password option during application use. If a dialog box prompts you to remember the password to avoid re-entering it next time, please just say NO.

3. Lock your computer at any time when you leave your seat

If you need to be away from your desk for a while, please make sure your computer is locked first. Follow steps below to lock your computer conveniently:

  1. Press CTRL + ALT+ DELETE at the same time on your keyboard.
  2. Select “Lock this computer” or “Lock computer”  on Windows XP

You can also unlock your computer easily by pressing CTRL + ALT + DELETE and key in your password.


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