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Let's get a general idea on the main screen of Acebyte Utilities.

main interface of acebyte utilities

Smart buttons on Acebyte Utilities: Option, Moreover

option button in acebyte utilities: Enter Option box for all settings below:


General Settings:

general settings in acebyte utilities

Disk Defrag settings in 360 Care:

disk defrag settings

System Optimization settings in 360 Care:

system optimization settings

Registry Clean settings in 360 Care:

registry clean settings

Privacy Protect settings in 360 Care:

privacy protect settings

Automatic Care settings:

automatic care settings

Backup Settings

backup settings

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Other locations in Acebyte Utilities:


quick launch button in acebyte utilities:

Display all quick launch buttons here to enter your specified function conveniently and directly. It shows like the most-used one always be the first one.


3 buttons in acebyte utilities:

Access to enter Privacy Protect, Turbo Boost and Utilities Box menus.


more functions in acebyte utilities:


Turn on/off more functions: Care at a schedule time, Care when system is idle, Turbo boost at Startup, Clean privacy at Startup.



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