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Computer control: Shutdown Scheduler, Process Manager, File Splitter, File Encryption, Unlocker.

Step 1: After launching Acebyte Utilities, click to enter Utilities box.

Step 2: Under Utilities box, click Control to show computer control items.

computer control box in acebyte utilities

Shutdown Scheduler: Shut down your computer automatically at a specified time by scheduling power management tasks.

shutdown scheduler in acebyte utilities

Process Manager: Display all currently running programs info on your computer.

process manager

File Splitter: Split large files into several clips and easily rejoin them into one.

file splitter box in acebyte utilities

File Encryption: Encrypt your indicated files to protect your privacy and decrypt them freely.

file encryption box

Unlocker: Allow to unlock files or folders locked by system or other programs and help to rename, move or delete locked resources

file unlocker