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File Manager: Manage your files or folders on PC easily via smart tools: Disk Cleaner, Registry Cleaner, File Shredder, Top File Finder, Cloned File Finder and Empty Folder Finder,

Step 1: After launching Acebyte Utilities, click to enter Utilities box.

Step 2: Under Utilities box, click File to show File Manager items.

Disk Cleaner: Scan to find out the specified types of junk files in the given folders and delete the selected junk files to free up your hard disk.

disk cleaner

Step 1. Select the hard disk you want to scan to turn to box as below:

select file types you want to clean

Step 2. Select the file types you want to scan.



  • : click to add the file type you want to scan in below box:
  • add file type

  • : click to remove your selected fie type from the file type list.


Step 3. Click to get started on disk cleaning scan.

Registry Cleaner: Scan your Windows registry and fix registry errors causing system slowdown to optimize your PC performance

registry cleaner box in acebyte utilities

File Shredder: Easily delete unnecessary files or folders beyond recovery permanently.

file shredder box in acebyte utilities

Top File Finder: Find out large files or recently modified files and clean.

top file finder box in acebyte utilities

Cloned File Finder: Find out all duplicate files according to various terms to free up your disk space step by step .


Step 1. Select areas on your computer to scan duplicate files.

cloned file finder

Step 2. Select file types.

settings in cloned file finder

Step 3. Click Next button to get started scanning.


Step 4. Please allow few seconds to show the scan results.


Empty Folder Finder: Find empty folders in your system and let you delete them easily.

empty folder find box in acebyte utilities