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Most Reliable Free File Shredder

Shred Unwanted Files on Windows XP/Vista/ 7 by Acebyte Utilities
  • Permanently remove files / folders from computer
  • Protect your files privacy by shredding
  • Stop file recovery by any software or hardware
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Shred Private Files and Folders to Protect Your Privacy

There is much personal information in your computer. And you may think all the files will be lost just by hitting the "delete" button and emptying the recycle bin. Actually deleted files are hidden in somewhere of your computer even though you can't see them. There are ways to recovery your files, to ensure your file privacy, a file shredder is needed.
File Shredder within Acebyte Utility is a useful tool that permanently deletes your sensitive files and folders from your computer. Through file shredding, those files can't be recovered back in any case. Just choose your files, tell the program to erase them, and they'll be gone forever.

Key Feature:

  • Securely shred files beyond recovery
  • Control information by permanently removing files
  • Add / remove files and folders easily to delete from system
  • Clear visible buttons, even novice can control it well
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