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Ultimate Free Memory Manager

Free RAM to Make Your PC Run Faster and More Smoothly with Acebyte Utility
  • One-click defrag RAM to optimize your PC
  • Real-time monitor the memory status
  • Empower your PC run faster
  • Less blue screens and computer crashes
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Defrag RAM to Optimize Your Computer

Memory management is a complex field of computer science and there are many techniques being developed to make it efficiency. Memory manager is a program that manually or scheduled defrags and reclaims RAM from operation system. It shows current memory status, memory usage history and available memory space.
The built-in memory manager of Acebyte Utilities clears out not currently needed data from RAM without affecting RAM's stilled used programs and applications, flushes less-used data to the swap file. This memory manager is able to increase your CPU performance, let your system maintain the best running status for a long period of time.
    Key Benefits:
  • Keep your PC running at the best status
  • Clean RAM and free up more memory space
  • Show real time chart of available memory
  • Automatically memory monitoring and optimization
  • High speed cache to speed up PC performance
  • Easy to use, one-click design
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