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Free Shutdown Scheduler

Schedule computer shutdowns & restart by Acebyte Utilities
  • Powerful shutdown manager
  • Always shutdown computer at a scheduled time
  • Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7
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Easy to Use Shutdown Scheduler

Shutdown Scheduler in Acebyte Utilities is a powerful computer shutdown scheduler utility for automatic PC shutdown. It is simply designed to make your computer shutdown or restart at a specified time.

    Why choose the Shutdown Scheduler in Acebyte Utilities

  • To turn off your computer after some long-standing operation
  • To shutdown PC when watching movies on bed
  • To shut down computer at night when it is no longer used<
  • Best smart tool for those who always forget to shutdown computers
  • Restart your computer at a specific time when you are away from PC
  • Simple, easy to use and user friendly interface
  • Safe, clean program, low memory usage
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