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Top File Finder

Find the largest files stored on your computer by Acebyte Utilities
  • Find at most 1000 large files of any type in your disk
  • Find recently modified files to free up hard disk space
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
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Handy Top File Finder Software

Top File Finder in Acebyte Utilities is a simple and free tool to find out the largest files on your hard disks or specified folders. Top File Finder is very helpful if you want to know what eats up your disk space as well as free up your hard disk space safely and easily!

    How to find the largest files in disk?

  • Click "Top File Finder" to go to "Analyze" window.
  • Choose to "Scan Drive" or "Scan Folder" and click "Next"
  • Tick to select the file types you want to find out
  • Select to "Sort by file size" or "Sort by latest modify time"
  • Drop down to select file count in "Show file count" tab: 10, 50, 100, 200, 1000
  • Click "Scan" to get started on scanning large files in your specified hard drives or chosen folder.
  • Allow Top File Finder to take several seconds to find out the large files on your computer.
  • All large files found will be displayed. You can deal with these large files by buttons like Open, Delete, Move or Properties.
Click here to download the Top File Finder!
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